About demo-sessions

It is not easy to find the right in-ear monitor without having any idea of ​​how it sounds. For that reason we have the possibility to listen to our in-ear monitor demo's or to compare different demo's before you decide which type you want to have. You can make an appointment with us by contacting:

Bart Noordam


Where do these demo sessions take place?

Our demos can be tested free of charge. This can take place at our partner Fonique Hoortechniek in Hoogeveen or Deventer. We can also visit any desired location, for example during band practice, or during a live show. That way you can have a live experience of what it is like to play with our in-ear monitors. We charge 70 euros per session (within the Netherlands), (compensation for the time and travel costs). This 70 euro is waived if you decide to purchase your in-ear monitors at Fonique in-ears.

Ear Impressions

When you know which in-ears you would like to have, it is important that we get your ear-impressions. You can read more about this at 'About making ear impressions'.

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