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  • Jerry Harvey JH10x3Pro
    Jerry Harvey JH10x3Pro

    You want the most bang for your buck? The 10X3 gives you 3-way versatility and accuracy for a little less green. "Because 'cost-effective' should never mean 'cheap."

    € 999,00
  • Jerry Harvey JH11Pro
    Jerry Harvey JH11Pro

    A Touring staple since 2006. The JH11 features dual low drivers for punchy bass, and precision tuning to take distortion out of the equation.

    € 1.099,00
  • Jerry Harvey JH13v2Pro
    Jerry Harvey JH13v2Pro

    We tuned the second iteration of our famous IEM’s to deliver the most natural sound ever created. We then gave full control back to you with the industry’s first user controlled bass adjustment, because Norah Jones and Megadeth sh

    € 1.449,00
  • Jerry Harvey Ambient FR
    Jerry Harvey Ambient FR

    If you’re a performer who feeds off the crowd the Ambient FR is the ear you’ve been praying for. With an integrated sound vent, hear the the roars of fans without having to mic them.

    € 1.539,00
  • Jerry Harvey Angie
    Jerry Harvey Angie

    The Angie is a singers dream. Precisely tuned for the live performer who demands crisp vocals without an overpowering low end. Our eight driver configuration outperforms any other vocalist-specific IEM on the market.

    € 1.539,00
  • Jerry Harvey JH16v2Pro
    Jerry Harvey JH16v2Pro

    Time to get loud. The JH16v2 is in the ears of nearly every famous touring Rock & Roll band on the planet (and also some Soft Rockers, too). Our 10 driver configuration brings clarity to the broadest range of sounds.

    € 1.649,00
  • Jerry Harvey Lola
    Jerry Harvey Lola

    If you’re a music purist who’s in love with vinyl then prepare yourself for the silky tonality of the Lola. This IEM’s sound profile takes you out of the world of digital and transports you back into the raw sound of the 1960s.

    € 1.759,00
  • Jerry Harvey Roxanne
    Jerry Harvey Roxanne

    We dare you to try to distort the Roxanne. Push these twelve drivers to the max while your mix remains crystal clear. The pinnacle of rock and roll IEM engineering. This one goes to 11.

    € 2.099,00
  • Jerry Harvey Layla
    Jerry Harvey Layla

    Layla is perfection, perfected. This IEM will replicate detail of instruments in a way that makes it feel like the musicians are in the room with you. Desirable for live or mastering engineers, any musician or simply personal use.

    € 2.199,00
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