About service and maintenance

As carefully as you treat your guitar, syntherizer or drum kit, you also need to be very careful with your in-ear monitor system. Your in-ear monitor purchace is perhaps one of the most important you will do. Not only does it protect your hearing; you also have a better performance on stage because you hear exactly what you do. It is therefore very important that you keep your in-ear monitor system in good condition.

Cleaning sound bores

Your in-ear monitors are equipped with very small sound bores where the sound exits your IEM. Especially when you have a lot of earwax, these bores are likely to become clogged with earwax. It is therefore very important that you clean the in-ears after every performance and the earwax that accumulates in front of the channels, or maybe even enters them, can be removed immediately by means of the supplied cerumen hook.

You might also perspire on stage; not only because of your own efforts and enthusiasm, but also because of the spotlights that may be pointed at you. Sweat can also cause the sound channels to be blocked. Even if this does not happen, it is still advisable to dry the in-ears by means of dry capsules or with an electric drying system. We are happy to tell you more about this.

Free service from Fonique

For small changes to your in-ear monitor system (refining scale, cleaning the channels, drying the in-ear monitors) we charge no extra costs. If the in-ear monitor is so clogged that cleaning by us is no longer sufficient for the in-ear to work optimally, then we will have to send the in-ear monitors to our supplier. The costs of this (including shipping costs) are for your own account. We always provide you with a quote of the expected costs so that you can decide whether you want the in-ears to be cleaned or repaired for that price.

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